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What Customers Are Saying

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Great product
Obvious Improvement in Language
Rating Bio Heal
Positive Behavior
One week has made a difference!
Great Product 5 stars !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Working ok
Thank you for sharing this update!
Positive changes
Awesome! So happy to hear this is providing your daughter a relief with her stomach problems!
You may begin to notice subtle changes with his attitude and /or speech development over the next few weeks. It's great to hear that he has been regular and less gassy! That's a great start.
My Son has finally changed his habits
5 in 1 return
Thank you! We are sorry for that inconvenience.
So far so good.
Looking forward to the future
Amazing products
Vegan for the WIN!!
I suggest adding the powder to the liquid slowly... do not dump the entire scoop of powder at one time. This leads to clumping. You might also consider trying a small hand held battery operated milk frother/wisk. These are less than $10 on Amazon. Many customers are talking about this trick and it dissolves the powder- no clumps! I’m using one myself and it works great! Another mom suggested a ninja bullet for mixing.
Great product
Glad to hear this! Thank you!
See changes
Great results after 1 month! I'm happy to hear this is helping his gut!
Starting to use sentences already!
What a great looking family! Thank you for sharing the photo as well as the update on your youngest son! We are happy to hear he is making tremendous progress!
My thoughts so far.....
Thank you for the update! It sounds like you and your son are off to a great start on Bio-Heal!

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