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What Customers Are Saying

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The real deal!

Bioheal is the real deal! I have been using in with my 15 year old teen, who has ASD, and have seen a considerable difference in just under 3 weeks. She is high functioning (Aspergers) and her main issues are ADD, depression, and sensory. We went to a theme park for her birthday. I usually check in with her to make sure the noise and atmosphere isn’t too much when we go out. She said the strange thing is that the tingling sensations she always felt on her skin was gone. She almost didn’t know what to do. She had felt that her whole life. So her sensory issues had been quieted down. I also noticed her focus with school is better. She is more regular as well. She would go through bouts of constipation and diarrhea. We are working on her having a more diverse diet but this is a great start! I’m so thankful for this product and plan to order more. Just know, the testimonies are real! I never thought something as simple as a probiotic could help some of her symptoms.

This is great! Thank you for sharing this update!
This gives me Hope!

My sons been on this for a little over 6 weeks, he has chromosome 9q deletion and developmental delay was non verbal as of september 2019, not potty trained, could barely walk straight without help. In just 6 weeks of these probiotics hes saying several dozen words, grabbing our hands and taking us to his room pointing to light because he wants them on, bringing us the remote when he wants to watch tv etc. Hes our foster son and when we first got him in september this kid could not sut still for more than 30 seconds! he didnt respond to any instructions, only played by himself. Now after only 6 weeks if the probiotics hes cuddling and watching movies with us, we took him to the theatre and he actually stood in the seat the entire time we watched Frozen 2! Hes following directions more, is more focused in school, and above all he made me cry yesterday because he just grabbed me hand and put his lips against back of my hand and gave me the sweetest kiss! 🤗❤🙏

This child never was taken care of by his teenage mom properly, he did not get ECI or any therapy consistantly over the years b4 he came to me at age 5! chances of him actually catching up I was told were slim to none....well hes amazing me on a daily basis! I cant wait to see his progress 3-6 months down the road!

I was sceptical at first

... when I first bought the product my son got ill but now that I think about it, it could have been for a number of reasons, but I attributed it to the new product probably it comprised his immune system since the IS is stored in the gut...i stopped the product but kept it!
So now for the new year I was thinking maybe I should try it again. My son is autistic and he's nonverbal, so my hope is to get some words out of him this year. He's 7 and he wants to talk so bad. I can feel the anxiousness of it. He doesn't sign so it gets frustrating for him. I started back on the probiotic every morning for breakfast. I've been giving it to him for about a week now and I can really see a difference in his behavior, he's much calmer, still has outbursts but he's like a different person it's weird. And he's babbling so much more now and he's starting to hum the tunes of the videos he watches on YouTube. He's doing really well since I started back with your product so I bought 2 more to keep things up with him and see how it goes from here...

Definitely a very high quality product that works for my daughter!

I’m glad I went ahead followed that gentle nudge or else I wouldn’t be happy to share my experience regarding the positive change in my daughter’s behaviour in school.

I started giving this to my daughter Nov. 4th 2019, she still had meltdowns, defiant to adults & had a potty accident while in the school playground. Four days later, her case manager happily reported she did wonderful the whole day!

Her teacher notes about her:
1.) much happier, more focused and following teacher’s instructions
2.) transitions in-class have been much easier (before would cause huge meltdowns, lay down the floor and scream or her sit in the corner and cry)
3.) getting better in initiating and maintaining longer two-way conversations (we are multilingual at home, before she only answered “yeah” to a why/who question)
4.) working to communicate clearly her toilet needs to her teacher
5.) having fun with kids her age in the playground and is getting better remembering her friends’ names.

She still needs support in some areas but definitely happy to see progress overall.

It’s almost end of month and I received consistent good notes from her teacher. We don’t do GFCF diet but include fermented food & bone broth for years, Bio-Heal is the only recent addition. I mix this powder with yogurt dinnertime. The first few days she went 3 times but now is back to once a day. Before she’d wake at midnight crying & have a hard time getting back to sleep. She now wakes up happy in the morning. She shares her happy or sad feelings, and explains to me why. We used a different probiotic before but Bio-Heal has made a huge difference in her behaviour! I’ve already read about the gut-brain connection & I believe this product has the right combination for healing and a big plus that it is an “all-in-one” powder, truly perfect for my family of 5 with a busy schedule! Thank you so much for helping this mama! Every dollar is definitely worth the “She did great today” notes!

It is working!

Started my 18 month old on this last night and I have already seen results!! She had two bowel movements that definitely smelled worse than normal and were bulkier. She normally has stools on the looser side. She also made more eye contact and said a new word! This is HUGE as she is largely nonverbal. She even repeated it with only one prompt! I'm aware these could be coincidences, but three improvements in 24 hours is nothing short of amazing! Will update at the one, four, and six week marks!
One week update:
Loving Autism update: My daughter has completed a full week of taking this probiotic and I cannot rave enough about the improvements we've seen! She is definitely having normal, regular bowel movements, is consistently making and maintaining eye contact, is vocalizing more, and we can see how hard she's trying to verbalize! She is making new sounds and we can pick out a word or two in her babbling! Her developmental education specialist even noticed the improvements during her play therapy today! We are seeing less stimming, more interaction,and purposeful play! I am truly grateful for this product! We have changed NOTHING in her routine or diet. All of these exciting developments have occurred in just the short time she's been using this! It really works! Thank you so much!
Two week update:
I should relay that my daughter has mixed expressive/ receptive language disorder and is on the autism spectrum. Before starting this, she was almost completely nsounds with consonants) and now she is saying a few words regularly! She is in occupational therapy each week and the therapist is so impressed by the difference! So much so that we had to update her short-term goals because she has already met them! A full three months ahead of the original plan! In short, I KNOW it is helping my little girl. Our family, her pediatrician, and therapist agree! I am in no way affiliated with the company and I give my testimony out of sheer appreciation of the product!

Calm and Less breakdown

My son Ikaika Skillling just turn 9 from Honolulu Hawaii and I would like to thank you Mr. Marty for creating such an amazing powder, my son is started to calm down after 4 weeks of drinking the powder and ready to place the 2nd order this week. I would recommend this powder to every parents that have kids with Autism. This is so unbelievable. You are bad ass Mr. Marty thank you, thank you!

Great business

Super nice staff and very knowledgeable. Much appreciated their advice.


My son has had digestive problems for years. I’ve spent all that time and so much $$$ trying to fix it and while many things have shown some improvement nothing has worked. Until I tried this! We’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks and already his digestion is better than it’s ever been. And we’ve tried all the ‘best’ probiotics, ones that have been tested on him etc etc. I am so happy with this product, thank you so much for not accepting the status quo and helping so many people with your determination and intelligence.


I was having dificulty with my 3 year old. She wasn’t eating well, her communication was poor and vocabulary. But since we started giving her all star nutrition she has improved so much! We are so happy with the results! Now she is eating way more than we expected, talking, communicating! Tantrums have been controlled! This is amazing! I will like to give all those mothers the same hope and happiness with all star nutrition results! I couldn’t find a way to help my kid and all star nutrition is, WOW ,has helped me to help her! ♥️ It’s amazing! Mom/ dad/ anyone who’s reading this..If your doubting to buy it and your struggling with your kid, buy it! I felt the same way and WOW! Beyond what I expected ♥️. I was super excited to give my daughter all star nutrition and at the same time scared but its the best thing I’ve bought!🙌🏼 thank you all star nutrition!!!!

You Need to Try This!

I was super skeptical when I ordered this for my 12-year-old, ASD daughter. We’ve tried so many products over the years. She started taking them in May. Over the summer, I didn’t really notice anything different and had considered not reordering. Well, when school started, it was obvious something has changed. My child who struggles with comprehension, who tunes people out when she doesn’t understand, is getting straight A’s for the first time. She brings her work home to study when she doesn’t have to. It’s pretty amazing. I don’t know for sure how much this probiotic has helped, but it’s the only thing we’ve changed. So I definitely re-ordered before she ran out. If you’re on the fence, I say, give it a try. It’s kind of expensive, but if it’s the reason my child has gone from struggling at school to all A’s, I’d pay just about any price for that.

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