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EnduraCell - PomGenex - Powder

EnduraCell - PomGenex - Powder

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EnduraCell® PomGenex 300 g Powder

  • Delicious tasting, all-natural blend of three of Nature’s most highly-prized plant foods; Pomegranate Juice, Coconut Water and 100% Whole Nutraceutical Grade Broccoli Sprouts
  • Ideal for fussy palates of all ages
  • All Natural. Nothing Artificial. No Added Sugar

Serving Type: Nutraceutical Grade Oral Powder

Available in: 300 g Jar (one scoop = 10 g)

PomGenex is a unique and delicious functional food powder combining three of Nature’s most highly-prized plant foods; broccoli sprouts, pomegranate juice and coconut water. Each delicious serve of reconstituted PomGenex contains 1000 mg of EnduraCell® 100% Whole Nutraceutical Grade Enzyme-Active broccoli sprout powder, the equivalent of a half-glass (120 mL) of fresh pomegranate juice, 40 mL of coconut water and just a touch of natural vanilla.

SPECIAL NOTE: As a natural plant product, the appearance of PomGenex may vary from batch to batch.

Ingredients: Whole Nutraceutical Grade Broccoli Sprout Powder, 100% dried Pomegranate juice. 100% dried Coconut water.

Active Ingredient:  Sulforaphane

The active compound found abundantly in 100% whole enzyme-active broccoli sprouts is Sulforaphane (pr. Sul-4-a-fane). Sulforaphane has been shown to be the most powerful naturally-occurring activator of Nrf2, the switch which governs activation of cell defense. It is due to this property of sulforaphane that EnduraCell is regularly prescribed by clinicians treating patients with ASD. 

Clinical Trial using Sulforaphane in Autism & ASD

Recently published (October 13, 2014) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is a small clinical trial wherein Broccoli sprout-derived Sulforaphane was used as the active intervention in a placebo-controlled randomized study in 45 males aged 13-27 over 18 weeks.


Within a few weeks, those taking the broccoli sprout supplements showed substantial behavior improvement, rated by social interaction, abnormal behavior and verbal communication (34% improved when rated by the Aberrant Behaviour Checklist – ABC and 17% on the Social Responsiveness Scale - SRS). On discontinuation of the treatment, total scores on all scales rose to pre-treatment levels within 4 weeks.

Broccoli Sprouts (Sulforaphane in the News)

Johns Hopkins Medicine | Chemical Derived from Broccoli Sprouts Shows Promise in Treating Autism

Washington Post | Study: Chemical in broccoli shows promise as an autism treatment

Medical News Today | Could a chemical in broccoli, sprouts help treat autism?

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CBS News | Broccoli compound shows promise for treating autism

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
broccoli hurts his tummy

broccoli is hard to digest and my autistic grandson cannot take this! And it's not a herx reaction!

We are sorry to hear that the PomGenex supplement wasn't a fit for your grandson.

Amazing product

My daughter has digestive issues due to autism. Her belly is usually bloated. Once I started giving her this product at breakfast, within a week what a huge difference. The bloating subsided. This is given with the probiotic. I’m grateful for this. She is functioning so much better, speaks more, etc.


The first day I took this stuff, I did experience the Herxheimer reaction. Once that cleared up, my brain was sharper. The probiotics help, but the sulphoraphane helps even more. My work performance, working memory, coordination, and people skills improved even more. Please take this in addition to the probiotics.


The people who are writing these bad reviews are fake this stuff is amazingif you take this constantly for 6 months you'll feel like a different better person

bad taste

My grandson doesn't like the taste at all. I have added it in milk, juice and smoothies but he could still detect something weird tasting on all of them.