Revolutionary Bio-Heal® Probiotic (Family Pack)

Revolutionary Bio-Heal® Probiotic (Family Pack)

All-Star Nutrition

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All Star Nutrition Bioheal Probiotic

Dear, Marty ! I wanted to thank you for changing my life! My name is Alexandra and I have a 6 year old boy, diagnosed with autism at 2. It's been a struggle in Pre-School and especially last year in Kindergarden when he became really violent towards his pears, and he had to be moved in a class with just 3 kids,and i hated to see my son isolated, and I thought I was gonna lose my job for how many time the school called me to pick him up cause they couldn't handle him anymore. This summer I heard about this Probiotic and I said I would give it a try and I am so glad I did. It changed our lives. My boy just started 1st Grade on September 6th and last Friday the teacher called me and told me that he is doing so good, he is going to be kept in General Class with all the other kids with support, but no more IEP for him! He became focused, sitting down in class and answering questions! Wow, Iwanted to cry !!! THIS IS A MAGIC FORMULA, PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY. And thank you so much, Marty for making a difference for children with autism in this secret world.

Seeing results I didn't think possible

I had to wait a few weeks to really get the impact of what taking the All Star Nutrition supplement would have on my son. He has told me spontaneously (not imitating or saying because he thinks it's expected) that he's hungry and has even grabbed food to eat because he was hungry. It's always been a battle to feed him (and that behavior is not about to resolve on its own after years of behavior instilled). But for him to know hunger, and ask for food, instead of having me nearly force it on him, is a miracle! Also I had my first back-and-forth, not one sided, 2 - 3 word blank replies, conversation with my son a couple weekends ago. I cried. He's been expressing his feelings and able to tell me more coherently what is the matter (not just shutting down and moaning/whining and rocking while crying). His teacher's have noticed a difference, though he is still needing redirection and prompting, but he's communicating in a genuine manner with the other students, not reciting as much. I'm grateful, simply grateful.

Love this product!

I know it’s not typical, and it may just be a coincidence, because it’s been less than three weeks, but the last three weeks have been amazing since I started this probiotic! My 21-month-old son is talking more, he started saying his ABCs and is making tons of more eye contact! All of his therapists have noticed!!

Bio dream!

Bought this product for my 15 yr old son who has weight issues due to his high sensory matters when it comes to balancing out his meals which causes weight gain and not being able to use restroom everyday. So far, he has been using the restroom regularly and has lost five pounds not to mention suffers from severe insomnia and has been sleeping everyday anywhere between 4 1/2-5 1/2 hrs which is a blessing on its own.

Great product

I love this product! Not only does it have 10 billion cc with 10 different strains it has zinc, vitamins, enzymes and phosphatydle choline. It is a very thoughtful product to allow gut and brain healing. As a pediatrician this is my first recommendation when a child with developmental issues needs a probiotic!

All-Star Nutrition’s Bio-Heal combines a unique and powerful blend of probiotic strains that are designed to aid in the repair of GI tract issues and restore a healthy microbiome. Each serving is tasteless and can easily mix into juice, smoothies, or food.

In Capsule and Powder Form.(**Out of Stock** Pre Order Now! Delivery to Start December 16 2019.)

240 Capsules

All Natural - Nothing Artificial - Sugar-Free - Dairy Free - Wheat Free - Gluten Free - No Fillers


Our probiotic contains 13 billion CFU from 12 strains vs. the leading competitor which has 3 billion CFU’s from 3 strains.

Serving Type: Perfect Blend of Probiotics, Vitamins, and Minerals

Servings Per Container: 2-4 Month Supply (60-120 Servings Depending on Weight)

Servings Size: 102g Jar (one scoop = 1.7g) 
                          240 Capsules (4 capsules per serving)


PROBIOTIC:  12 of the most researched and beneficial strains.  

PREBIOTIC:  Contains the prebiotic RAW Chicory Root to help good bacteria thrive.

GI TRACT:  4 ingredients designed to aid in heal the lining of the GI tract for reduced inflammation and optimal health.

BRAIN BOOST:  Contains an ingredient that builds acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that regulates memory, motor planning, and executive functions such as sorting and prioritizing.  It may enhance memory, learning, and language functions, changes that endure across the lifespan. 

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES:  Help break down food to maximize nutrient absorption and reduce inflammation.