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Nancy Morton
Better digestion

He eats better and gained weight.Great product.

Betty Basombi

It’s the best

Kimberly Acevedo
Great Results

I purchased this supplement for my nephew and my sister in law has seen great results in his speech and sleep. My nephew is considered non-verbal at 7 years young and this supplement has definitely made a huge impact in his life. I will be ordering more this week! Thank you!

We are so happy for your family that Bio-Heal has helped your nephew sleep better and that he has made strides in speech, too! Thanks for the feedback!

Helps in so many ways

After a short time of my child taking this probiotic I noticed a reduction in his self harming and a general more calmed and focused child. My child has ADHD and Autism. Within the year he started trying new foods. We had been using feeding therapy but it finally clicked and his appetite grew. Earlier this year we went on a week long trip and forgot to bring this with us. By the end of the trip he was exhibiting self harming actions again and other not preferred stims. We believe his body was inflamed. It took about a month of being back on the probiotic for him to be back to himself. Now we know it really works.

Thanks so much for the update! Great news that your child has been trying new foods and that self harming actions have been minimized! Please keep us posted.

Rose Ellsperman
Makes a difference for Autism

This is one of the supplements that have made a difference in my autistic son's behavior. He's much happier and calmer now. If I miss a dose, he seems more agitated. It works for us!

We are thrilled to hear how Bio-Heal is helping your son to feel happier! Thanks for giving it a try and keeping us posted!

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