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Great product

Love this!! My severely handicapped grandson has gastrointestinal issues and this has helped him so much!!!
He is almost 9 and this has been the only probiotic that helps him! Thank you so much on behalf of my daughter and me!!

So great to hear this! Thank you for sharing your grandson's experience!

Game changer

My husband and I have always had trouble with digestion. We’ve been taking bio heal for a year now, and it has changed our lives!! What a difference it has made for us!

Wonderful! So happy to hear Bio-Heal is helping you both!

We love it!

The whole family loves this product!

Designed with autism in mind

I love that this product is designed with my son’s needs in mind as a child with autism. Unfortunately, I cannot say we have verbal improvement as soon as he started it. I will say that if we miss a day we can totally tell and he does currently (after months of use) have verbal improvement


I was majorly skeptic that these could help my son. Yet, here I am, feeling quite certain that his communication has improved since starting on the probiotics. I don't even know what to say but I am endlessly thankful. Thank you for believing in this product and bringing us skeptics this wonderful gift.

5-in-1 Bio-Heal® Probiotic Powder

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