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Easy to disguise

My son is a 3 years olds and mostly non verbal. He drinks milk and pediasure 98% of the time. I started giving it to him in the mornings with his milk and before daycare without mentioning anything to the staff. Within a couple of days the workers came to me and said how he was such In great moods. We noticed he appetite increased a bunch.

Brenda Cooley

We have autistic identical twin girls. This has helped them with their bowel movements. They seem calmer and speaking more words.

We are so happy your girls are doing well with Bio-Heal. We are excited to hear that they are finding their voices.

Making progress!

My son who just turned 4 has been on it for 45 days. When he first started it he broke out in what looked like hives. He still breaks out now but not as bad. He’s still sensitive to foods but his appetite has increased. Had no problem going to the bathroom before and now his stools are soft. he does try to talk more and gives us more eye contact. He seems to be happier now. Still working on his communication skills but working on it.

We are so happy to hear that your son is making progress. It is great that you are sticking with it through the healing reaction and moving towards further improvements. Please keep us posted. We would love to hear how he is progressing.

Ricky Chiesa
Bio heal probiotic 5-1

I have been using bio heal for a few months now , and I can say it has helped my son in many ways . He used to have huge melt downs relating to his stomach. Along with being on a healthy organic diet , this supplement has put out the fire in his stomach . Now it is apart of his daily routine . It works , point blank . Truly grateful that people are looking out for gi health for our little guy. Thanks all star nutrition !!!

Nicole C
Works great!

The have noticed such a change in my sons ability to control his emotions and lessen the severity of his sensory overload outbursts. I noticed even more so when I forgot a few days in row of this! Wow! What a difference. We will be using this for good!

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