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judy monts

I believe this is helping my 4 year old autistic grandson to communicate with us. He was already verbal and even reading, but he is now asking for things - sometimes in complete sentences. We started these at the same time we began a discrete video modeling plan called Gemiini and I am not sure which is helping more or maybe they are working in conjunction with one another. Definitely going to continue both!

Thanks for the update on Multi+ with your grandson. We are glad to hear it is an integral part of the plan that is working well for him with communication skills!

Brittany Taylor
Noticeable differences

The changes have been noticed by everyone! Our sons teachers, therapists, our adult family friends and we have all seen very noticeable differences. It would be hard to say this is not part of his progress. He has begun saying more, his eye contact has improved, and he is even out of diapers. We are so thankful for these improvements and look forward to continued improvements.

Thanks for sharing with us the dramatic improvements your son is experiencing in many areas while on Multi+! Fantastic! We are so happy for him and your family!

Melodie Bitting
Great product

My daughter started give these to our granddaughters with special needs and they did wonders. So I ordered for my husband and myself can feel the difference right way. It's like my eyes are wide open and I can focus on things better...

We are thrilled that your family is feeling well and focusing better with Multi+, thanks for sharing with us!

Saw improvements

I believe these vitamins helped to improve my autistic 3 yr old's behavior. He was less fussy/whiny in the mornings and he started to speak in more full sentences. I like it because it's easy for me to open the capsule and pour the content in his food. Also, it's just one a day so I can just give him at breakfast and not think about it for the rest of the day. I also give the all star probiotics and try to limit dairy and gluten foods as much as possible. I recommend giving it a try, I have definitely witnessed a calmer, more focused child after these vitamins.

We are so happy to be on this journey with you! Fabulous news about your son's morning happiness and communication. Also, glad to hear you are finding Multi+ easy to mix in!

Joslaine Litampha
Good stuff

I did noticed for my sons ! They are happier and have a good mood ! I think with the probiotics and this new vitamins ! It s doing a good job ! Along with the good diet of course ! For me it s a very good vitamins ! Thanks 😊


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