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Emma Berger
No more brain fog!

I have been using this for almost two months now and I can safely say that it has significantly reduced my brain fog from Celiac! Nothing else has worked so far so I am happy to find something that can improve my quality of life!

Love it!

My daughter has been taking this since she was 1 1/2 yrs old. She’s is about to turn 3 and is on the autism spectrum. She was completely non-verbal and after a few days of taking the bio heal she began to imitate sounds. That was the only change we had made and I am convinced it had something to do with it. She does other therapy’s of course but I believe the bio-heal is one factor that helps her succeed. She now does pretend play, is reading simple books, and can do simple math as well. We rarely skip a dose but when it does happen I do notice a shift in her mood the following day. She will be more irritable and very whiny. I’m willing to try anything that is safe in hopes that it will potentially benefit my child. I hope you can get everything you’re hoping for out do the bio-heal as well.

What an awesome update! Thank you for sharing! We are so happy to hear that your daughter is doing so well on multiple levels.

Carlos Keith

I love it

Thanks for the good news! So happy that Bio-Heal is working well for you!

Great product

This is a great product for my teenager. I want my 9 year old to continue taking it but it is hard for me to hide it on a daily basis. It has been a great help in keeping her regular and I have not heard her complain about her tummy hurting her. I might find a way to switch to capsules after the powders are gone.

So glad to hear that Bio-Heal is helping keep your child regular and no more complaing of a tummy ache. That is great!

Renata Evans
Definite improvement

Bought this for my child because he has constipation. He will literally block my toilet his poops are so big. We added this on top of using a fiber supplement and we are seeing definite improvement. He's going more often. It's easier for him to have a bm. He's pooping his pants less. There's still a ways to go for our son but I think if we had started this when he started having issues a year ago, his pooping problems would not have gotten this far. Definitely worth the money and I'm considering adding it to my regimend as well.

We are so happy to hear that you have seen such improvements in your sons constipation issues and that your toilets are running smoothly again : )

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