Copy of All-Star Nutrition Bio-Heal Probiotic Reviews Test
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Copy of All-Star Nutrition Bio-Heal Probiotic Reviews Test

Based on 1570 reviews
Highly recommend

My son has been on Bio heal for almost 2 years. I have seen great changes in his speech and behavior. He would one word to communicate. Few weeks ago saw bio heal pro and decided to try it. Gave him 1 capsule and next day he was speaking in full sentences and answering questions. I do not think it is a coincidence but something in the bio heal pro has helped him.

Great product

Love this!! My severely handicapped grandson has gastrointestinal issues and this has helped him so much!!!
He is almost 9 and this has been the only probiotic that helps him! Thank you so much on behalf of my daughter and me!!

So great to hear this! Thank you for sharing your grandson's experience!

Game changer

My husband and I have always had trouble with digestion. We’ve been taking bio heal for a year now, and it has changed our lives!! What a difference it has made for us!

Wonderful! So happy to hear Bio-Heal is helping you both!

We love it!

The whole family loves this product!

Designed with autism in mind

I love that this product is designed with my son’s needs in mind as a child with autism. Unfortunately, I cannot say we have verbal improvement as soon as he started it. I will say that if we miss a day we can totally tell and he does currently (after months of use) have verbal improvement


I was majorly skeptic that these could help my son. Yet, here I am, feeling quite certain that his communication has improved since starting on the probiotics. I don't even know what to say but I am endlessly thankful. Thank you for believing in this product and bringing us skeptics this wonderful gift.

Tastes bad and curdles milk

My son hates the taste of this. I try mixing it in his milk and if it sits for any extended amount of time it turns the milk into a yogurt consistency. We’ve been using it every day and I have seen no difference in his behaviors or digestion.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry Bio-Heal did not work out for your son. I wanted to let you know that Bio-Heal Probiotics are living organisms, containing “good” bacteria. Certain live probiotic strains can make milk acidic by fermenting lactose (the sugar in the milk) to produce lactic acid. If the probiotic is left sitting in milk too long you may notice a curdling, clumping or “spoiled” appearance. If you opt to serve Bio-Heal in a dairy product we do recommend consuming it within 20-30 minutes to avoid this.

Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team if you have any questions or require additional support!

Great product

Works great for my son he seems more calm when started taken this product

My grandson takes these and we can definitely see a difference if we run out; so now we make sure we have enough. He has had digestive issues since birth. These are gentle on his system yet help to keep him regular. Thank you All Star!


I started this for my son about 14 months ago. There has been a huge change in his behavior and I believe that this is helping. I noticed a change in his attitude about 4 days after starting. He is now 9 years old and. It regulated his bowel movement also. That's a huge plus.

This is great news. Thank you for sharing this with our team!

Fabulous Product

This product has helped address gut issues with my autistic son. Let me be clear, it has not cured him. But, autism is a many layered issue and this addressed one layer. Very grateful.

So Happy!

My daughter has autism and is 16. She is SO much happier with her gut more balanced and regulated. Thank you to Bio heal, for helping make each day a better one!

Great product!

It’s a great product and easy to mix with liquids. It has helped my son a lot who is autistic.

Gas discomfot

My son has autism and was having a lot of digestion discomfort like lots of gas this supplement has really helped him with that issue. He has a bowel movement on a daily bases and gas has significant lessen

What a relief for your son! Thank you for sharing your experience!

It Works!

I started this for my son about 8 months ago. There has been a huge change in his behavior and I believe that this is helping. I noticed a change in his attitude about 4 days after starting. He is now 9 years old and autistic. It regulated his bowel movement also. That's a huge plus.

Great update! Thank you for sharing your son's experience with us!

Works perfect!

I have never taken a probiotic and have been simply amazed how much better O feel overall on this product. I take mine straight out of a spoon and swallow down with water. The taste is very mild and not bitter. My gut issues are resolved. Thanks

Wow! That's great to hear! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Great product👍!


We used this for about a year . While it helped with constipation,it did not do much else EXCEPT increase his aggressive behavior and meltdowns.
Behavior improved once we discontinued the product. I still have an unopened jar of the stuff in my fridge taking up space .We use another probiotic now which does not cause problems.

Thank you for giving Bio-Heal a try with your son. I'm sorry to hear you did not see the results you expected.


As much as I used to love bio heal, and how helped my soon focus and with his Chronic constipation, this las bottle we order, change the presentation but also something change in the formula, the odor is strong and also you can taste it, so after a week of trying hidden in different liquids and food he refuses to eat anything what contains the probiotic, in the past he never noticed
So sad because is a great probiotic

I'm sorry to hear of this most recent experience. I do believe you were able to discuss this and work through the problem with our Customer Success team.

Bio Heal Probiotics

I'm writing to testify how good this products are, my son started Bio heal and after taking it daily his bowel movements has been consistently normalized. I trust these products and are worth trying. Thank you!


My little one has constipation issues is a sensory seeker and had a bit of a language delay. She just turned 3. Since starting this product I have ZERO complaints and literally noticed a difference in language within days. I’m using the product as directed have not had any adverse side effects. I believe her gut health has improved as well. I’m glad I ordered 2! Don’t be scared of the upfront cost...The product has ample amount of powered and if you’re using 1/2 a scoop it will last you well over 6 months!


For my son who has autism and for me who feels bloated at times felt better when we started to use the bioheal . For my son, his frequency of burping and passing gas decreased dramatically. For myself, no more bloating. Thanks.


This stuff is truly amazing. My 8 year old grandson no longer complains about stomache pains. He also sleeps much better. His teacher said is much more attentive in class.

Early to tell

Hello, it is too early to tell how the product is working. It was ordered for my granddaughter age 8 ....she just couldn’t sit still in class. She receives one capsule every night.....
We will continue and may see results soon, we might need to give her 2 capsules at night.
Thank you.

A Major Difference

Our 6 yr old son, who is not autistic, suffers from pretty severe constipation. The day we started adding this to his diet everyday, he was able to go the bathroom no problem! It’s been wonderful.