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Copy of All-Star Nutrition Bio-Heal Probiotic Reviews Test

Based on 1544 reviews
Works perfect!

I have never taken a probiotic and have been simply amazed how much better O feel overall on this product. I take mine straight out of a spoon and swallow down with water. The taste is very mild and not bitter. My gut issues are resolved. Thanks

Wow! That's great to hear! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Great product👍!

Bio Heal Probiotics

I'm writing to testify how good this products are, my son started Bio heal and after taking it daily his bowel movements has been consistently normalized. I trust these products and are worth trying. Thank you!


My little one has constipation issues is a sensory seeker and had a bit of a language delay. She just turned 3. Since starting this product I have ZERO complaints and literally noticed a difference in language within days. I’m using the product as directed have not had any adverse side effects. I believe her gut health has improved as well. I’m glad I ordered 2! Don’t be scared of the upfront cost...The product has ample amount of powered and if you’re using 1/2 a scoop it will last you well over 6 months!


For my son who has autism and for me who feels bloated at times felt better when we started to use the bioheal . For my son, his frequency of burping and passing gas decreased dramatically. For myself, no more bloating. Thanks.


This stuff is truly amazing. My 8 year old grandson no longer complains about stomache pains. He also sleeps much better. His teacher said is much more attentive in class.

A Major Difference

Our 6 yr old son, who is not autistic, suffers from pretty severe constipation. The day we started adding this to his diet everyday, he was able to go the bathroom no problem! It’s been wonderful.

Love the product

I bought this for me Grandsons

I have a grandson that has sensory issues. My daughter believes it has helped him. The other kiddo gets it right along with his bother. When she needs more I will reorder for them.

Great product

I see a huge difference in my boy .. a lot more eye contact and less aggressive... we love it

My son regressed and lost all his words becoming nonverbal autistic. After only 3 days of giving him All Star, some of his words came back like magic. He can now repeat better after watching YouTube too. Then just a month after, he relearned his letters and now says numbers and a few more words than before, but not all words came back. He is no longer classified as fully nonverbal! This product cleanses the system and will make him poop a lot. But it is definitely worth it! Had I known earlier about this, I'd try it sooner so I definitely recommend. Thank you All Star!

We love it!

We are very happy to have found this probiotic. My son has Autism adhd and cerebral palsy and takes several different medicines which all cause constipation. This has helped so much!!! If This is all it does that is more than enough but I know its doing more so thank you!!

Wonderful update! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

I’m so satisfied withi this productI have a 3 year old daughter, I started giving this product her like a year ago and I have seen her improvement her knowledge I have no regrets buying this product for her thanks.!

Wonderful Product

I absolutely love this product! Within the first week of using it, my 2 year old autistic child begin babbling more and speaking words. His appetite has significantly improved because he was a picky eater and would only eat potatoes.

Amazing update. Thank you for sharing your experience with our team!

Best product ever

Keeps our 5 years Kidd calmly and focused
Thru school and therapy time

Wonderful update! Thank you!

Works wonders, for my teenage granddaughter with Autism. big difference in her over all wellbeing.

This is great news. Thank you for sharing your experience with our team!

Works great!

Ever since I started my son on this he is sleeping through the night for the first time in 3 years.

That's wonderful! Sleep is so important!

Amazing, but please see notes!

My 4 year old son is super picky and only eats maybe 10 different foods, most of which are not nutritious. I mixed this into his oatmeal and he grudgingly ate it, but obviously didn't like the color it turned and refused when I tried it again. I shelved it for 6 weeks, disappointed and thinking it was a waste. Then I got the idea to put it in his night time milk, but in an opaque water bottle with a spout lid. He drank it no problem! He has been drinking it every night since. We use half a scoop. Going on week three now and he's more calm, his tantrums have gone down significantly and he's doing better altogether.
NOTE: 1. I thought the powder would be clear, not bright yellow. If your kid is picky like mine, then I wouldn't add this to a food that isn't already yellow/dark or where it's obviously mixed in.
2. I also don't recommend mixing this with water or thin juice. This thickens the consistency of liquids but it's not as noticable with milk or a thicker drink.
3. If your child is older than sippy cup or water bottle with a spout age, perhaps mixing this with chocolate milk (we like ovaltine) to help to hide the color?

Amazing probiotics!

My 4 yr old is not on the spectrum, however he doesn't speak much for his age and has always been constipated. We've tried other probiotics over the past year, and this works better than any of the others that we've tried. He is talking more now, too, which surprised me a bit but he's probably feeling much better now that he's regular.

Great update! Thank you for sharing!

Caused constipation & strange behaviors

Our 3 year old has a speech delay and is not autistic but we thought we would try this in hope of healing. m
Maybe we were missing something. He was never constipated and had regular bm's all his life. He is also a very calm and chill little guy. We were on this for almost 2 months (40-45 days) and his behaviors changed for the worse. I didn't recognize him at times. He was also so constipated all the time. We stopped this for a week and went back to his organic probiotics and he finally went back to his normal self with regular BM's and the strange behaviors dissapeared. Maybe he wasn't right for this as he doesn't have gut issues to begin with but we will not be purchasing again. I was very hopeful but it isnt for us. Everyone is different so not all things work equally on ever body.

We realize that not everyone is the same and how the product affects them can vary. We’re sorry that you didn’t see the changes you expected. I will have our customer success team follow up with you regarding your experience.

This stuff is life changing!

My daughter has struggled with bad eczema since she was just a few months old. This outbreak was different. We went to doctors, the ER and dermatologists several times over three weeks with no relief. We were prescribed every steroid cream, oral steroid and antibiotic out there. Her outbreak only got worse and began to spread to her other leg with each medication (in the past they’ve helped within days). After spending $100+ on every anti-itch product out there to find her any sort of relief, I was recommend this probiotic! We immediately ordered and began giving it to her daily. Within a week we saw a HUGE difference, the itching stopped and she was finally able to find relief. Two weeks later and it’s gone! I wish we’d started the probiotic sooner!!

This is absolutely incredible! Wow! We are so happy for your daughter!

5 in 1 bio heal

I bought this for my son who has a hard time focusing and has always had stomach issues. He is 2. Once I started him on this he has started to become more regular and he has slowed down a little to learn a few more words. This is great stuff.

It's great to hear that Bio-Heal is helping your son with his regularity and focus! Thank you for sharing!

Was doubtful at first until I read the reviews

I really did see results in the 1st week. My son’s speech therapist told us whatever we were doing at home, to continue to do so. Thank you allstar nutrition

You are very welcome! Thank you for giving Bio-Heal a try!


I have tried numerous supplements for my 4.5-year-old over the past few years. I did not see any improvements from any of them until Simple Spectrum. I am keeping notes each month. I will post some significant changes here. Month 1: more observant on walks, notices his surroundings, showing interest in new movies/tv shows rather than replaying same over and over, started "playing" with me, began repeating many new words (from literally saying only a word here and there..basically nonverbal), sleeps soundly, decreased frustration. Month 2: Interested in new toys, clapping when we clap, gave me a sip of his beverage on his own, continuing to try to say new words... words I've been trying to make him say for months, pointing to the correct color when asked... just unbelievable. I can't wait to see how he continues to improve. His speech therapist told me not to even bother saying colors because "he won't get it"... guess what.. he does! :)

I’m please with this product and I’m seeing positive results for my granddaughter at this point. I’ve not been able to give product to her daily but have managed at least 3 times a week. Thank you

That's great. 3 days per week is better than zero! I'm glad to hear it's helping her!