Copy of All-Star Nutrition Bio-Heal Probiotic Reviews Test
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Copy of All-Star Nutrition Bio-Heal Probiotic Reviews Test

Based on 1665 reviews
Life changing product

I’m an autistic adult and it’s always been hard to communicate all the things I’m thinking. It feels like the scene in the first Harry Potter book/movie where they are in the room with all the keys but when he tries to grab one they start flying around really fast. Those keys represent the words in my head. When I go to say them, they move so fast I can’t get them out. But Bio-heal makes it where I can use the words I want because they aren’t moving so fast. That’s the best way I can explain it. It’s helped me both in my personal and professional life and I’m incredibly grateful that it exists. Please don’t ever discontinue this product!! I would give it 10 stars if I could.

Thank You! What a fantastic update that Bio-Heal has made such a positive impact in both your personal and professional life! We really appreciate your description of how it feels and are so very thankful for you sharing this with us. We will keep the product coming! You have warmed our hearts!

Great Product

I am an adult and suffer from constant constipation. My daughter n law told me they use this on their autistic son and said it helped with his constipation so I tried it this last summer. It worked so well I now signed up to receive it every 2 months. Thank you.

What great news that you are experiencing constipation relief from Bio-Heal Probiotic! Thanks for the update!

Multi+ Capsules
Natalia Medeiros

I believe my son is making progress day by day. He just turn 6. He’s been talking more and more. I think it’s a combination of everything. I’m sure that him having all the right nutrients will make him succeed. He’s been very happy and communicating more. I’m definitely going to continue using this supplement.

We are thrilled to hear that with the Multi+ Multivitamin, your son is communicating more! And hearing that he is happy has warmed our hearts!

The best fish oil

my family and I have used this product for more than a year and we love it, it doesn’t has bad taste and it has many health benefits, I recommend it, specially for kids

Great News! We are so happy that the fish oil taste and health benefits are working well for your family!

Great product!!!

Awesome product!! I switched my son’s multi vitamin to this brand and such a huge difference!!! Better eye contact and focus!! I’ll continue to purchase!!

Hearing of your son's improved eye contact and focus warms our hearts! Thanks for sharing this great news with us!


I like your product. My son has had no tamtrums since taking the probiotic and his language has improved. Still want to see more improvement, but that will come with his continued use. Thanks so much for such a great product!

It is so nice to hear that your son feels happier and more engaged! We look forward to your family's continued success with Bio-Heal.

Excellent product

I believe this product has helped my daughter with autism behavior and tummy issues due to constipation. Will definitely continue with this product. Thank you

We are so happy to hear of the gains that your daughter is experiencing with Bio-Heal Probiotic! Thanks for sharing with us!

Positive change

I wanted to give it a full 6 weeks before writing a review. My son has moderate to severe ADHD and we have been reluctant to try medication because of his age. I have seen a noticeable, positive improvement since starting this supplement. His mood is more stable and he can focus more at school. I started taking this product myself and have noticed more energy, more focus and better sleep. It's certainly expensive but for now, it seems worth it.

We are thrilled to hear of your family's update with Multi+ Unflavored Powder! The positive changes in mood, focus, energy and sleep are fantastic!

Better digestion

He eats better and gained weight.Great product.

It’s the best

Great Results

I purchased this supplement for my nephew and my sister in law has seen great results in his speech and sleep. My nephew is considered non-verbal at 7 years young and this supplement has definitely made a huge impact in his life. I will be ordering more this week! Thank you!

We are so happy for your family that Bio-Heal has helped your nephew sleep better and that he has made strides in speech, too! Thanks for the feedback!

Helps in so many ways

After a short time of my child taking this probiotic I noticed a reduction in his self harming and a general more calmed and focused child. My child has ADHD and Autism. Within the year he started trying new foods. We had been using feeding therapy but it finally clicked and his appetite grew. Earlier this year we went on a week long trip and forgot to bring this with us. By the end of the trip he was exhibiting self harming actions again and other not preferred stims. We believe his body was inflamed. It took about a month of being back on the probiotic for him to be back to himself. Now we know it really works.

Thanks so much for the update! Great news that your child has been trying new foods and that self harming actions have been minimized! Please keep us posted.


I was skeptical when people said this tasted great, because I was sure my super sensitive tastebuds would detect at least a fishy aftertaste. Not at all. This is so delicious, it’s like having a dessert. My kids were so sad that they only get to have one Tb a day.

Thanks for the report! We are so happy that your family is finding the Beyond Omega to be delicious! The flavor is hard to resist!

Multi+ Capsules
judy monts

I believe this is helping my 4 year old autistic grandson to communicate with us. He was already verbal and even reading, but he is now asking for things - sometimes in complete sentences. We started these at the same time we began a discrete video modeling plan called Gemiini and I am not sure which is helping more or maybe they are working in conjunction with one another. Definitely going to continue both!

Thanks for the update on Multi+ with your grandson. We are glad to hear it is an integral part of the plan that is working well for him with communication skills!


I have been giving my grandson who is Autistic the Bio Heal 5 in 1 Probiotic for 6 months now and continuing. He is now utilizing more cognitive skills, attending vocational classes, and submitting an application to an Art Academy. As we continue, I am anticipating great strides with the Bio Heal.

Excellent news! We are pleased to be on this journey with you! Many congrats to your grandson for all the wonderful strides he is making!

Makes a difference for Autism

This is one of the supplements that have made a difference in my autistic son's behavior. He's much happier and calmer now. If I miss a dose, he seems more agitated. It works for us!

We are thrilled to hear how Bio-Heal is helping your son to feel happier! Thanks for giving it a try and keeping us posted!

Tengo un hijo con autismo y el sufria mucho de dplor estomacal, inflamacion, su estomago se ponia muy caliente .gracias a bio-heal-5 todo eso se ha ido. Gracias!

¡Gracias por compartir esta maravillosa noticia! ¡Estamos encantados de que Bio-Heal haya ayudado a que el estómago de su hijo se sienta mucho mejor!

I like it for my son

This seems to be helping

Fantastic news that Bio-Heal is helping your son! Thanks for the update!

the real deal

First let me start out by saying that I work in the pharmaceutical industry, so I am aware that food supplements in the US are not required to undergo the same rigorous testing requirements that medicinal ones are. I am automatically skeptical of miracle claims by unregulated food supplements. However, I have a child with special needs and have been following the research coming out about probiotics and the brain-gut connection with interest. This winter I ended up on a 3-week course of antibiotics, so decided to try these probiotics on myself first as the "lab rat". After 2 weeks of taking them my husband commented how much more cheerful and even tempered I seemed and asked what I was doing differently. I had not mentioned my experiment with these probiotics to him before that time. After that, I purchased another bottle for our child. We have seen positive results there, too. His moods seem to have improved as well. He seems more sociable, calms down faster when upset, and seems to get upset less easily. He also complains less about constipation. His grandparents and family friends who are not aware of the new supplements have spontaneously commented on how much he has changed (for the better) in the last few months. His other medications have not changed in that time, so it seems reasonable to conclude that these supplements are probably reason for the changes we are seeing.

Thanks for the feedback on all these wonderful gains that you and your family are experiencing with Bio-Heal with moods, cheerfulness, and with gut issues. That is Fantastic! and makes us smile!


Our grandson has autism and this has made a big difference in his life. We find it helps with his eating, some frustration in the evenings. It has been a wonderful product for him.

We are thrilled to hear of the gains your grandson is experiencing! Thanks for sharing with us!

Multi+ Capsules
Brittany Taylor
Noticeable differences

The changes have been noticed by everyone! Our sons teachers, therapists, our adult family friends and we have all seen very noticeable differences. It would be hard to say this is not part of his progress. He has begun saying more, his eye contact has improved, and he is even out of diapers. We are so thankful for these improvements and look forward to continued improvements.

Thanks for sharing with us the dramatic improvements your son is experiencing in many areas while on Multi+! Fantastic! We are so happy for him and your family!

Beyond Omega
Claire P.
Good taste

This is a good quality supplement. We were already giving my son omega 3s so I can’t say we saw a dramatic improvement but it’s an important part of our nutritional support strategy. The thick texture makes it easy for me to mix in his probiotics and then mix all of it into his juice.

We are so happy that you are finding the Beyond Omega to be tasty and easy to mix in!

Multi+ Capsules
Melodie Bitting
Great product

My daughter started give these to our granddaughters with special needs and they did wonders. So I ordered for my husband and myself can feel the difference right way. It's like my eyes are wide open and I can focus on things better...

We are thrilled that your family is feeling well and focusing better with Multi+, thanks for sharing with us!


My son is 3 and was diagnosed with ASD. Shortly after, we found this product and within weeks we saw a major improvement in his speech and comprehension skills. He also used to take miralax in his milk daily but since using this product we no longer need that either. It has truly been a game changer for our little one! Im so amazing by the results that I’m ordering some capsules for myself & 10 year old with ADHD to try. I’ve recommended to everyone I know with children on the spectrum.

Fabulous news about your son's gains with Bio-Heal in such a short time! Looking forward to hearing similar results with other family members too!

Saw improvements

I believe these vitamins helped to improve my autistic 3 yr old's behavior. He was less fussy/whiny in the mornings and he started to speak in more full sentences. I like it because it's easy for me to open the capsule and pour the content in his food. Also, it's just one a day so I can just give him at breakfast and not think about it for the rest of the day. I also give the all star probiotics and try to limit dairy and gluten foods as much as possible. I recommend giving it a try, I have definitely witnessed a calmer, more focused child after these vitamins.

We are so happy to be on this journey with you! Fabulous news about your son's morning happiness and communication. Also, glad to hear you are finding Multi+ easy to mix in!