COVID-19 Response – All-Star Nutrition
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COVID-19 Response

We wanted to share 3 big shifts we’ve made, as a company, in response to COVID-19.

It’s important for our loyal customers (and future customers) to have as much certainty as they can, in the brands they follow; especially during these uncertain times.
Safety and quality have always been our #1 priority at All-Star Nutrition.
We have gladly gone “that extra mile” to make sure we’re putting the highest quality product in the hands of our customers.
From testing each individual ingredient for safety and strength in our FDA cGMP certified facility
To processing sample batches that get tested a 2nd time before we officially process a bottle.
We even go as far as randomly selecting multiple sets of bottles from each batch to have them sent to a 3rd party lab where they get tested for...

  • Safety
  • Strength
  • Composition
  • And Purity

After it passes all testing with an A+ grade - then and only then do we ship that batch of bottles to our warehouse for fulfillment.
But times have changed.
And with it, we, as a team, feel another “mile” is required for us to take, to continue to serve our customers at the highest level.
So, we tightened our thinking-caps, put our wifi to the test, and piled into a crowded virtual conference room where we made 3 Big Shifts.


It was vital for us to make sure our customers never ran out of Bio-Heal.
We worried that workers at our certified FDA cGMP facility may not be able to go into work.
So, we ordered twice as much inventory to keep our shelves stocked, just in case.
(And will continue to stay months ahead with inventory)


We wanted to make sure you could always get Bio-Heal shipped straight to your door.
Plus, we wanted to take maximum precautions with the process and handling of your orders for safety.
So, we moved our distribution to a medical-grade fulfillment center in Idaho where they have some of the highest safety standards in the country.
And since they ship vital medical supplies across the globe, they are deemed a “Life-Essential” Business by the Government.
In other words, if anyone can ship a package, it’s always going to be us.


We wanted all of our employees and their families to be taken care of during this crisis.
There’s already enough stress weighing families down right now - we didn’t want their livelihood adding to it.
So, we made a few adjustments and found a way to keep every employee at All-Star, employed with 100% of their salary.



I don’t share this with you for any “credit” or kudo’s
If anyone deserves “credit”?
It’s my team; for working so hard and pushing their mental bandwidth to the limit for our customers.
And it’s you; for continuing to support All-Star Nutrition - and continuing to optimize your family’s health with products like Bio-Heal in the midst of these difficult times we find ourselves in.
With all that said:
From me and the entire All-Star team, Thank You.
We know the roads in life are not always smooth.
But we appreciate you riding “shotgun” with us ;-)
Best Wishes And Highest Regards,

Marty Orefice
Founder of All-Star Nutrition