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All-Star Nutrition Reviews

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No more brain fog!

I have been using this for almost two months now and I can safely say that it has significantly reduced my brain fog from Celiac! Nothing else has worked so far so I am happy to find something that can improve my quality of life!

Multi+ Capsules
Joslaine Litampha
Good stuff

I did noticed for my sons ! They are happier and have a good mood ! I think with the probiotics and this new vitamins ! It s doing a good job ! Along with the good diet of course ! For me it s a very good vitamins ! Thanks 😊

Love it!

My daughter has been taking this since she was 1 1/2 yrs old. She’s is about to turn 3 and is on the autism spectrum. She was completely non-verbal and after a few days of taking the bio heal she began to imitate sounds. That was the only change we had made and I am convinced it had something to do with it. She does other therapy’s of course but I believe the bio-heal is one factor that helps her succeed. She now does pretend play, is reading simple books, and can do simple math as well. We rarely skip a dose but when it does happen I do notice a shift in her mood the following day. She will be more irritable and very whiny. I’m willing to try anything that is safe in hopes that it will potentially benefit my child. I hope you can get everything you’re hoping for out do the bio-heal as well.

What an awesome update! Thank you for sharing! We are so happy to hear that your daughter is doing so well on multiple levels.


I had trouble finding a multi vitamin my child would take and was becoming desperate because she is a very picky eater. We previously tried gummy’s and a liquid form but she was not a fan. These are super easy to open and she does not seem to even notice it is mixed into her drinks. I’ve put it in milk and oatmeal so far and she consumed all of it without an issue.

So happy you were able to find a way to serve the Multi+ so easily. Glad your picky eater is getting a full serving of nutrition from Aspire Multi+

Beyond Omega
Destiny F

I put this in my son's drink every morning along with his probiotics and he has so much more focus now and has even started saying more words! We are so happy with these products they really work!

We are thrilled that your son's vocabulary and focus have improved with Bio-Heal and Beyond Omega! Thanks for sharing!


I love it

Thanks for the good news! So happy that Bio-Heal is working well for you!

Great product

This is a great product for my teenager. I want my 9 year old to continue taking it but it is hard for me to hide it on a daily basis. It has been a great help in keeping her regular and I have not heard her complain about her tummy hurting her. I might find a way to switch to capsules after the powders are gone.

So glad to hear that Bio-Heal is helping keep your child regular and no more complaing of a tummy ache. That is great!

Definite improvement

Bought this for my child because he has constipation. He will literally block my toilet his poops are so big. We added this on top of using a fiber supplement and we are seeing definite improvement. He's going more often. It's easier for him to have a bm. He's pooping his pants less. There's still a ways to go for our son but I think if we had started this when he started having issues a year ago, his pooping problems would not have gotten this far. Definitely worth the money and I'm considering adding it to my regimend as well.

We are so happy to hear that you have seen such improvements in your sons constipation issues and that your toilets are running smoothly again : )

A New Part of our Regime

From the first week of the first bottle my autistic son started I have seen improvements and he says he knows it's helping him. His vocabulary has increased and his social skills have improved. We love Bio Heal!

Fabulous News! We are so glad that your son's vocabulary and social skills are blossoming so quickly! Thanks for sharing with us!

Amazing product

This extra strength has really helped my daughter to have less stomachaches and go regular. Thank you for making the extra strength formula.

Thanks for sharing how Pro+ has helped your daughter feel better! We are thrilled to hear this!

Amazing product 👌

Iam glad that I order this product , it really gave my son back. His eating has improved and he doesn't run anymore, sometimes when i see him walking next time I think iam dreaming. I order my second bottle and we enjoying

That is fabulous news! We are glad your son is doing so well. We are happy to be on this journey with you!

Amazing results

I bought bioheal for my son. I also decided to try it because I have lupus and it seems both lupus and autism are rooted in inflammation. I started to feel better more energetic almost right away. My son started having better bowel movements and feeling better in general. I wish I would have found this when he was younger because his speech was very delayed. After about a month, I noticed my rosacea has decreased significantly for the first time in over two years!! I definitely recommend trying this product. I give my son the powder and switched to the capsules for me.

Easy to disguise

My son is a 3 years olds and mostly non verbal. He drinks milk and pediasure 98% of the time. I started giving it to him in the mornings with his milk and before daycare without mentioning anything to the staff. Within a couple of days the workers came to me and said how he was such In great moods. We noticed he appetite increased a bunch.


We have autistic identical twin girls. This has helped them with their bowel movements. They seem calmer and speaking more words.

We are so happy your girls are doing well with Bio-Heal. We are excited to hear that they are finding their voices.

Making progress!

My son who just turned 4 has been on it for 45 days. When he first started it he broke out in what looked like hives. He still breaks out now but not as bad. He’s still sensitive to foods but his appetite has increased. Had no problem going to the bathroom before and now his stools are soft. he does try to talk more and gives us more eye contact. He seems to be happier now. Still working on his communication skills but working on it.

We are so happy to hear that your son is making progress. It is great that you are sticking with it through the healing reaction and moving towards further improvements. Please keep us posted. We would love to hear how he is progressing.

Bio heal probiotic 5-1

I have been using bio heal for a few months now , and I can say it has helped my son in many ways . He used to have huge melt downs relating to his stomach. Along with being on a healthy organic diet , this supplement has put out the fire in his stomach . Now it is apart of his daily routine . It works , point blank . Truly grateful that people are looking out for gi health for our little guy. Thanks all star nutrition !!!

Works great!

The have noticed such a change in my sons ability to control his emotions and lessen the severity of his sensory overload outbursts. I noticed even more so when I forgot a few days in row of this! Wow! What a difference. We will be using this for good!

Great product

Works really well . I bought it for my adult autistic son . He won’t take it so , my other son and I have been taking it . It’s been helping both of us !

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are so happy to hear that Bio-Heal is working well for you and your son.

Just Awesome!

My non-verbal 3yrs old just starts approximating words, and we are already over the moon seeing the wonderful progress he made since we added Bio-heal in his diet. Thank you so so much.

Works great!

This supplement does work great when taken regularly but the capsules are so big and you have to take so many. We are switching to the powder to try that.

We are so happy to hear that Bio-Heal is working well for your family!

Double Duty

We are using Beyond Omega for both grandson with ASD rx and grandma who is a senior citizen. We are finding that it is helping both of us in somewhat similar ways. Grandson attends to those around him much better than before and is trying to use some words. Grandma is not experiencing as many incidents of having difficulty recalling words she wants to use when speaking. We have only been using it for a month or so and are looking forward to continued improvements.

Wished they made it flavored

I had a very hard time trying to get my 5yr old to take it . I did mix only a little in her almond milk she would not take it then I tried juice still no luck unfortunately my daughter only eats certain foods I mixed it with food no luck I will not be buying this product again if they can come out with a flavored one that would be great

Thank you for trying Bio-Heal with your daughter. We are sorry you had a hard time getting her to take it. Here are a few tips on mixing with food that have worked wonders for other families. You can try mixing it in ketchup, any nut butter, a smoothie, applesauce or yogurt.

Thank you for your suggestion of a flavored powder, we will pass it on to the development team. Stay tuned as we have new products launching this year!

On the fence, not sure.

I'm telling you try it, try it, try it!

I was skeptical

I’m so very glad I gave this a try, my little guy has definitely started showing changed as quick as 2 weeks and still showing changes every day!

Helping Some

My child has been on this product now for 66 days. She is NOT autistic, but does have an IEP for Math in school, and was throwing multiple fits per day still, at 9 years old. I have seen drastic improvement in her reading capabilities, and she is no longer throwing fits to the extent that she used to. Her fits have decreased, along with the duration of the fits. So I'm really impressed with those improvements. I'm not, however, seeing the fits stop entirely, which really disappointed me. I was hoping that this product would help her to be much calmer. So I've now begun giving her a second supplement from another company, that is supposed to help even out her moods.

We are so happy to hear that your daughter has shown drastic improvement in her reading capabilities and that she is no longer throwing fits to the extent that she used to. That is amazing.