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All Star Nutrition Bioheal Probiotic

Dear, Marty ! I wanted to thank you for changing my life! My name is Alexandra and I have a 6 year old boy, diagnosed with autism at 2. It's been a struggle in Pre-School and especially last year in Kindergarden when he became really violent towards his pears, and he had to be moved in a class with just 3 kids,and i hated to see my son isolated, and I thought I was gonna lose my job for how many time the school called me to pick him up cause they couldn't handle him anymore. This summer I heard about this Probiotic and I said I would give it a try and I am so glad I did. It changed our lives. My boy just started 1st Grade on September 6th and last Friday the teacher called me and told me that he is doing so good, he is going to be kept in General Class with all the other kids with support, but no more IEP for him! He became focused, sitting down in class and answering questions! Wow, Iwanted to cry !!! THIS IS A MAGIC FORMULA, PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY. And thank you so much, Marty for making a difference for children with autism in this secret world.

Seeing results I didn't think possible

I had to wait a few weeks to really get the impact of what taking the All Star Nutrition supplement would have on my son. He has told me spontaneously (not imitating or saying because he thinks it's expected) that he's hungry and has even grabbed food to eat because he was hungry. It's always been a battle to feed him (and that behavior is not about to resolve on its own after years of behavior instilled). But for him to know hunger, and ask for food, instead of having me nearly force it on him, is a miracle! Also I had my first back-and-forth, not one sided, 2 - 3 word blank replies, conversation with my son a couple weekends ago. I cried. He's been expressing his feelings and able to tell me more coherently what is the matter (not just shutting down and moaning/whining and rocking while crying). His teacher's have noticed a difference, though he is still needing redirection and prompting, but he's communicating in a genuine manner with the other students, not reciting as much. I'm grateful, simply grateful.

Love this product!

I know it’s not typical, and it may just be a coincidence, because it’s been less than three weeks, but the last three weeks have been amazing since I started this probiotic! My 21-month-old son is talking more, he started saying his ABCs and is making tons of more eye contact! All of his therapists have noticed!!

Bio dream!

Bought this product for my 15 yr old son who has weight issues due to his high sensory matters when it comes to balancing out his meals which causes weight gain and not being able to use restroom everyday. So far, he has been using the restroom regularly and has lost five pounds not to mention suffers from severe insomnia and has been sleeping everyday anywhere between 4 1/2-5 1/2 hrs which is a blessing on its own.

Great product

I love this product! Not only does it have 10 billion cc with 10 different strains it has zinc, vitamins, enzymes and phosphatydle choline. It is a very thoughtful product to allow gut and brain healing. As a pediatrician this is my first recommendation when a child with developmental issues needs a probiotic!

Not happy..

I purchased the probiotic for my 3 yr old autistic son. He always had a healthy appetite which is rare for autism kids. Started the probiotic and within 3 days my son developed unexplained fevers, ranging from 101 and as high as 103.2. He lost his appetite, he wouldn’t even drink. He ended up losing 3 lbs. He was so congested, with a stuffy nose, and a constant cough. I kept giving him the probiotic since cold type symptoms were a known side effect, but I had to stop. He got so sick. He would throw up at school. He was not his usual self. I couldn’t watch my little guy be miserable any longer.


I have spent so much money on probiotics over the years for my son who has GI problems and struggles emotionally. This is the first one to help him. I noticed a difference about a week in, he’s been so much calmer and happier. No more meltdowns. More flexible and easier to communicate with. I’m a believer and we’ll keep using this as long as he’ll take it.

All Star Nutrition's Revolutionary Bio-Heal® Probiotic* (Subscribe & Save) (60 servings)
Great probiotic for my 12 year old son!

First I have to tell you that I will be sharing some details that are not that great to share... but it's the truth and I'm sure someone else is having issues like we did. I started using this for my 12 yr old special needs son on 9/27/18 and the main reason I bought was for his BM's and to balance out his stomach. He was on so many different medications for the first 5 years of his life. I have tried different probiotics and nothing was working. I was also using Miralax at the doctor's request, and of course I was researching about Miralax over those years of using it and the doctor kept saying it was safe and okay for him, on a daily basis and it wasn't good for him at all! He was only having a BM about every 4-6 days and it was horrible for him, too huge and very painful!
This probiotic sounded like the answer, and it has been for us! First I was using the recommended 1 scoop every night for the first 3 weeks, and then I increased it to 2 scoops nightly and this is when it changed and made things easier for my son. He now has a BM at least every other day, and sometimes daily. Sometimes it is still a little firm, but not like it was... I have notice a little more Focus with him too, which is great! My son has mild CP that affect the tightness in his legs, and he was born at 26 weeks and in the hospital for a year before I brought him home. He had a trach and also a feeding tube for the first 3 years of his life. He is healthy now and no more medicine! He is on the mild autistic spectrum and ADD, but I feel this probiotic has also help with this issue too. He is much happier and I can see a difference... we will stay on this probiotic forever! Have a blessed day! <>

Awesome Results

Thank you All Star Nutrition. My son is 29 and has his every am in yogurt. He is slowing down and speaking clearer, listening, following directions seems like a lot less frustration in his head!

Best probiotic ever

This probiotic helps my memory and enables me to find the word I am sometimes struggling to say - it is in my mind but I can’t bring it out. I realized this when I went on vacation and forgot to bring it After 2-3 dats I started stumbling over retrieving the words I got back home and began taking it again and that symptom went away !

Kicking Being NonVerbal in the BUTT!!!

Update, soon will be ordering my second supply. Her bowel movements are regulated and we now have some words sporadically that before. We are gonna kick being nonverbal in the BUTT!!!! THANK YOU <3


We cannot believe how fast this started to help. He was saying so many new words and playing with other children more socially within just a few weeks. I really could not believe it. I was skeptical of course but literally within 3 weeks he was a different child. He’s laughing, b. eing silly & so much happier than ever before. I have seen an increase in imaginative play -just everything, I truly am still just shocked-& happy but I cannot believe how fast I saw the changes. I feel like it’s given us back our happy child. The gut / brain is truly so important. I have actually started taking it myself as well as I’m about to start my husband. My Mother has placed an order and we have shared it with a few friends who have seen his change and want to give it a try. We are so grateful to find this life changing supplement. We have just ordered the fish oil & EnduraCell pomgenex to try along with it. I’ll update his results adding these as well. I just want to add that our son has not been diagnosed with autism but we see a speech therapist & behavior therapists. They haven’t given him a diagnosis as he hasn’t fit any criteria-basically they all said we have to let him get older to see if he outgrows it. They really just do not know where to categorize him but we have had a lot of tantrums, behavior issues & speech delay. We couldn’t even do preschool due to his tantrums but now I am looking forward to 4K. His therapist are shocked and think he will be ready as well. Thank you.


Yet another product that over promises and under delivers.

Will be purchasing again !!

Our Autistic 3 year old has been on this probiotic for only maybe a week...and we have notice that he is more attentive, following one step directions more, has been more interactive with people, has been playing with toys in a more typical way...we are thrilled about this and are excited to see even more progress as time goes on...thank you for this product!

Took the Leap

I never do this, but I had to come on here and review. We started Bioheal about 3 weeks ago, and I've been nothing short of amazed by the results. My autistic daughter was 4 in July while beginning to talk a little bit over the last 6 months, her speech and language have exploded. She is saying phrases and communicating what she wants. Her behavior has improved immensely. She went from having multiple tantrums and meltdowns days to rarely having them at all. Just all around a happier child. I am so happy that I say their ad last month and took the leap and bought it! Oh... and ETA... This powder is truly flavorless. My daughter won't take any medicine, and I can't even sneak it into juice because she detects it. This she cannot detect and drinks it down every morning.

Gradual Changes

We started our 7 year old son on this on March 19, and we didn't see drastic, immediate changes but what we have seen in the last month are subtle changes in LOTS of areas. His bowel movements are consistent, and we know that makes him feel better. Our son is verbal but struggles with meaningful, conversational language; however, since being on this probiotic, his conversations have significantly improved and are more meaningful and relative. He seems to have less of "brain fog" and is more clear-minded. Sometimes the therapies that we put in place for our children don't always give that immediate change we expect, and it's hard to be patient, but I believed if we give it time, the changes will eventually be noticed. Hope this helps some of you with questions about how long it takes to see a difference.

Starting to show improvement

Our son is going on 25, so I was a bit skeptical at first that this would work, but my husband encouraged me to give it a try. We didn't see any major improvements for a while, with the exception that, his bowel moving habits had changed significantly. He would go for days w/o moving them. With bio-heal, he started moving them once a day. When he started running out of the powder, before I had the money to get him more, we noticed that he had started communicating a bit more, and a bit differently. He's not conversationally verbal, but he sometimes will answer you appropriately. He is echolalic. He repeats EVERYTHING, and often talks or answers you in "movie lines". He watches YOUTUBE a lot, and goes through snippets of his favorite Disney movies, and classic Christmas shows we all watched as kids. He will his favorites, over and over again, just little pieces and memorize them, then when someone asks him something, he'll answer them in a movie line appropriate to what he was asked. Well, lately, after taking bio-heal, he's been singing in full sentences and his speech impediment seems to be less noticeable. So with that said, I think I can keep buying this product. I put it in his chocolate almond milk, he doesn't even know it's there. I urge people to give this a try. I think it takes longer the older the person is, but it's definately worth the try. He's experienced no side affects which is a big plus in my book. A huge THANK YOU to Marty and his team for creating such a superior product for our children. You are a God send.

Amazing probiotic formula!

I started using Bio Heal with my 4 month old who was showing some red flags for ASD. I am a pediatric occupational therapist that works in a clinic with a doctor that specializes in ASD. My daughter had several exposures to antibiotics, 5 exposures in her short 4 month life. Shortly after finishing a round of antibiotics she was administered her first vaccine ever, DTAP even though in my stomach I knew we should have waited. However, our doctor reassured me she was healthy enough for a vaccination. Within days my sweet baby started legitimately stimming with her hands, regressed with her eye contact, and acted as though she was in a brain fog. Beyond alarmed, I gave her my last bag of breast milk colostrum and put her on your probiotic knowing her gut was an absolute mess and needed to be "cleaned up." I researched so many probiotics and Bio-Heal had the particular bacteria strains I was in search of. 3 weeks have gone by and she no longer stims, eye contact is back, her bowel movements are normal, and she is extremely alert. I just wanted to say thank you.

All Star Nutrition's Revolutionary Bio-Heal® Probiotic* (Subscribe & Save) (60 servings)
Many improvements!

We added this wonderful pre/probiotic over month and half ago. Our son is 11 and mostly non-verb w Autism. We DID see some aggression, agitation and messier stools, etc. (and anyone new to protocols will have to understand a good thing!) just as a expected, but nothing major and totally worth it!

Long/short... This is extremely high quality! Our holistic type chropractor and Dr. of various other energetic healings (and yes, of course they work!! Been using them for years! Look "Winters Wellness" -they are wonderful!) I brought the powder with us for Dr. Winters to test it on Our son (as he's already on a couple other supplements).

Get this! Not only did his body ask for it but said ingredients were quality and his body also wanted it!

Better eye Contact, sleep, speech, attention, mood!

Thank You!!

All Star Nutrition

My son has had Asperger's for 17 years. This is the first product that has had a breakthrough with his meltdowns and compulsions to focus on only one subject.
This truly has lifted my heart.

All Star Nutrition's Revolutionary Bio-Heal® Probiotic* (Subscribe & Save) (60 servings)

my son is 4 years old diagnosed with ASD at 2 years and 8 month. He has Speech therapist,OT, ABA and school.
We have been giving bone broth, cod liver oil and kefir.
When I started him this probiotic, after 3 days, you see already the improvement. I thought all probiotics are the same.
Speech therapist and OT were so amazed on his improvement,more focused and no aggression
ABA session now reduced from 5 days to 3 days


My daughter has speech delay. I am writing down everything since day one. I have to stop the probiotic for a few days because she had a stomach flu. I am in day 15 right know. I seen a lot more words, more connection with us and more aware of what is going up around her. I was waiting for day 30 to give my review. I may give you a second one on day 30. Thanks

Raging Fan

I'm going to warn you, this review is going to be detailed. I am going to discuss gastrointestinal issues. My son has Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, as well as a couple other irrelevant disorders. He doesn't eat well. He eats alot, but few good foods. Before trying my all star nutrition probiotics, my child hadn't had a bowel movement in 11 days. We had tried suppositories, stool softeners, miralax, and even a colonoscopy prep. Nothing gave him any relief. My son walked on his tiptoes because he was so miserable. Finally, I took him to the ER where xrays were done. They showed that he was completely impacted from start to finish. Finally, he "went" in the ER. I asked one of my sons specialists what she thought of the ingredients in the My All Star Nutrition probiotics. She was impressed, thanked me for my research, and said she would be ordering it for herself. So....I ordered it. Not expecting much, but I gave in and ordered it. Within 2 weeks, my son was having several bowel movements almost daily! I started a "BM Calander" in his bathroom. I am happy to report, without changing his diet at all and adding the probiotic, he has had at least one normal BM every day for more than a month. I can't be specific, because our calander is erasable and only 35 spaces. I have happily received my 2nd shipment and will gladly continue to receive bimonthly shipments as long as the results are this great! Disclosure: In the beginning, I missed a dose here and there. Now that we are in a routine, we faithfully give it daily.

Didn’t do a thing different with my son

My grandson

My grandson has been taking probiotics for almost a year now this stuff grandson is 7..this time last year he was still warring pull ups not talking (he’s non-verbal) since he’s been on probiotics he’s fully potty trained and saying sentences..this is amazing!!! Thank you so much 💕